Brian Rood Art, The Talking Dead and Rick Grimes

Ive been working on some brand new The Walking Dead art work for a very special episode of The Talking Dead.  It airs tonight at 10pm on AMC right after Rick Grimes final episode of The Walking Dead….. Tune in to see what Ive been up to in the The Walking Dead universe lately.  Pretty exciting times around here and Im happy to announce that you can now find a full line of my new TWD art on the official AMC store, The Shopping Dead!  Take a sneak peak of whats to come in my new The Walking Dead gallery….

I would love to type more but its about time to see what happens to Rick tonight!  Cheers and tune in after The Walking Dead to see what the cast has to say on The Talking Dead at 10pm.  Plus you get to see something very cool and brand new that Ive spend the last couple of weeks working on for tonights special episode!   I can’t share the actual art yet, I’ll share once it goes live this evening.  The attached pic is just something fun to look at for now.  😉  Now go pop your corn set your DVRs or do your Sunday night ritual, its almost time…..