New Fine Art Star Wars project “Wookiee the Barbarian”

Here is a small section of the latest proposal to Lucasfilm / Acme Archives Direct….. I just recieved the green light on the project so its off painting this one!  Again this is just a black and white teaser for whats to come!  I guarantee that this piece is going to be something special.  Heavily influenced by Frazetta, a bit of me paying  homage to the legend.   Full on Chewbacca rage.   I have not been this excited to start a piece in some time.  Any fans of Chewbacca out there are definitely going to want to pick one of these up.  I’ll keep everyone posted as the project approaches completion and release.    Going to be a few weeks on this one, to paint it right its going to take some time, but I know that it will be worth it in the end!  cheers

Brian Rood