New Licensed Star Trek artwork

Here is one of my most recent projects!  Im creating a new line of fine art prints for the Star Trek fine art line!  First outta the gates is a nice classic painting of our favorite ship in action.    Looking forward to seeing where I can take this new line of original artwork!   Im working with a great company from the other side of the pond.  Iron Gut Publishing, is one of the official licensing companies I am working with to bring you exclusive fine art prints…. There are quite a few concepts Im working on for some new artwork for the many fine art lines with Iron Gut Publishing….. Heres a link to a quick article about the Star Trek line.  http://startrek.com/article/bringing-star-trek-fine-art-to-collectors-the-masses

I was pretty excited when I found out that they used my painting as the article header!  cheers

B. Rood