Brian Rood Art official The Rise of Skywalker painting debuts with Force Friday previews!

Well its finally out there and here it officially is. Leading into designing this piece we came up with the idea of having two unique posters that would mirror each other almost identically. Both images needed to work alone on their own as individual pieces of key art but when combined form an epic portrayal of good vs. evil….. Very proud of the work I did on this one and very honored to be a small part of this epic franchise. Thanks to my pals at LFL for trusting in me to create something so special for this final Chapter in the Skywalker journey….. While one door closes in the Star Wars Universe numerous others are already opening and Im keeping busy on the new adventures coming to Disney Streaming and beyond. Star Wars Forever…….

Brian Rood Art / The Rise of Skywalker

4 thoughts on “Brian Rood Art official The Rise of Skywalker painting debuts with Force Friday previews!

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  2. Hi, I was just wondering where I could find your Star Wars trilogy artwork? Specifically the Prequels and Original Trilogies. Also can I just say that I love your artwork and would really like to make art like yours so I was wondering if you could tell me what software and techniques you use?

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  4. I really love The Skywalker Saga Sequel Trilogy art. I can’t seem to find where to purchase these. Are they available?

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