Star Wars Celebration CVI artwork

Alright boys and girls…. Star Wars Celebration CVI is right around the corner!  Here is the skinny on all the goodies that I will have at the show.  Of course my brand new Return of the Jedi lithograph will be available at the event.  I wanted to create a perfect companion to the Empire painting I did for the last Celebration 2 years ago.  Presales were fantastic but I still have some for everybody!  My suggestion is to get there sooner than later as presales have taken a large portion of the prints out of circulation.  I also was asked to do a tribute piece of Ralph McQuarrie artwork for the event.  What an honor that was.  Im so thrilled with the final artwork for the tribute painting!  A beautiful mix of fully rendered acrylics with unfinished watercolors pulled together in the painting to represent many of the creations Mr. McQuarrie helped to breath life into.  Last but not least the Key Art for the show!!!!  Chris Trevas and I were selected to create brand new artwork for all the badges, program covers, and many other collectible items you will find at the Celebration Store.  We will also be over there signing and hanging out both Friday and Saturday at the official Store in the afternoon.  Then throw on top of this nearly 50 illustrations for a new Random House project and there you have my spring and summer in a nutshell.  Looking forward to seeing everyone this upcoming weekend at Star Wars Celebration VI!

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  1. Yes, could you give me a bit more information/details about the Ralph McQuarrie print. Size(s), cost, when/where it will be available at the convention (my wife and I will be there all four days).


  2. Hello brian(and staff),

    I was at celebration and I had the privaledge to purchase a few ghostbuster water colors as well as your Star Wars calender and you return of the jedi piece. My question is would you have any of the a new hope copy’s left? And laying around or AP copy’s. Unfortunately they were gone before I had a chance to grab it even though I did grab some great stuff from you. Please get back to me whenever you can, that A new hope piece is fantastic I would love to purchase it from you. I look forward to hearing from you! Talk to you soon.

    Your fan,

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