Up and Running !!! New site, New store, and all before the New Year. :)

After a few sleepless nights, a bunch of coffee and a few more grey hairs… I did it!!!  I officially taught an old dog a new trick.  I have rebuilt my entire site to be much more user friendly.  Ive also finally updated my entire ebay store with all my official Artist Proofs from the Star Wars, Disney, and Indiana Jones fine art lines I have been working on the past couple of years.  I have been working with Acme Archives Direct to recreate beautiful Canvas and Watercolor Giclee reproductions of my most recent licensed artwork.  I hope that everyone enjoys the new site and I look forward to taking advantage of the blog tools to keep everyone updated, as well as staying in touch with everyone throughout the year.  Please feel free to write, blog, email etc…. I’m excited to hear everyones response to the new website.  Cheers and Happy Holidays!

Brian Rood

2 thoughts on “Up and Running !!! New site, New store, and all before the New Year. :)

  1. Will you have information listed for each individual piece, like what the art was used for? Also will you be noting if the original is for sale or if Lucas owns them…all etc?

  2. Eventually I will probably post specifics about each piece but for now its going to stay the way it is… Lucas owns many of the originals I have done for Star Wars and Indy but if there is anything particular please feel free to email and I can give you the specifics. Thanks

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