Dirty Dancing with me!

Ok, so I love working on Star Wars, Tron, Spiderman and all that stuff, but….. Every now and again I get a rare opportunity to work outside of the Sci Fi , Action/Adventure genre.  This project is a perfect example.  Not only did it involve a movie that was far outside  the realm of my usual stuff, but the style itself was something new.  I had a blast working with the client on this one and actually did about 3 other pieces for the project for them to choose from.  I will post all of them here later this week, for now take a look at my artwork that is currently being used as the Dirty Dancing Blu Ray Collection on store shelves right now!

The Greatest of All Time!!!

Just finished up some Ali artwork that is waiting final approval!!!  Super cool to work on a piece that is based on such an Iconic part of our culture!  Happy Birthday to Ali also.  Hope he likes the new artwork!!!!  More info asap on this limited edition fine art print.

2012 Gallery and Exhibit schedule

I will be debuting brand new artwork at each of the shows and selling my various artist proofs from Lucasfilm, Disney, Paramount, Ali, and other popular titles.  I will also have available many original works, as well as be producing live work at the events….. Looking forward to seeing many of you at one of these shows.   Make sure to check back soon to learn more about what panels I will be participating in at the events! Its going to be a whirlwind of a summer and fall, but I am really looking forward to getting out there and seeing old friends, making a few new ones and maybe even getting a gig or two if I’m lucky!!!

Star Wars Weekends @ Disney Hollywood Studios theme park weekend of May 18 – 20 and weekend of June 8- 10 2012

San Diego Comic-Con @ San Diego Convention Center July 12-15 2012 Comicon Booth: Brian Rood Art: 4721

Star Wars Celebration VI @ Orange County Convention Center, Orlando FL August 23-26 2012

Disney Festival of the Masters @ Downtown Disney Orlando, The Art of Disney Gallery November 9 – 12 2012

Interviews 2012

Not sure why, but lately folks want to hear what I have to say!  Ive been fortunate to have a number of online and print interviews the past couple of weeks and wanted to share here with you guys all the fun stuff.   TorWars  Mint-in-Box  Toledo Blade

Well, fun to me… maybe kinda boring to you.   Oh well here it is regardless.  Hope 2012 is off to a bang for everyone so far.  Im scheduling alot of fun new work ranging from Star Wars to Ty Cobb to Tarzan and just about everything in-between.  More updates soon, but for now here is some easy reading for everyone.  Take care!


Dozens of original paintings available in the Store!

Im currently bulking up the inventory I have available in my ebay store with dozens of new original paintings and preliminary watercolor sketches.   Ive wanted to share this stuff with everyone for some time but I have been so busy traveling and working that it has been tough to get things listed.  Most items are buy it now with the best offer option selected.  Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions about the new artwork being posted.  Im trying to put up a few pieces a day for the rest of the year so check back soon as the store front is changing daily!  Hope everyone is getting all their holiday preparations in order!  Only a few weeks left until the big day…. cheers Brian

4 New Disney art prints!!!! Released 11/11/11

Here are the 4 new pieces in my Acme Archives Disney line I have been working on!  Artist proofs will be arriving shortly and pre orders will be up on the ebay store by next week.  Very proud and excited to have so many new pieces debuting at the same time!  Have alot of new stuff on the horizon for both Disney and Star Wars fans alike.  More on all that soon!  Hope you all are having a great fall season.  cheers

4 new Disney prints! Artwork just released Friday 11/11/11

ere are the 4 new pieces in my Acme Archives Disney line I have been working on!  Artist proofs will be arriving shortly and pre orders will be up on the ebay store by next week.  Very proud and excited to have so many new pieces debuting at the same time!  Have alot of new stuff on the horizon for both Disney and Star Wars fans alike.  More on all that soon!  Hope you all are having a great fall season.  cheers


New Disney Artwork at The Art of Disney!!!


Just returned home from a fantastic trip to DisneyWorld for the Festival of the Masters exhibit throughout Downtown Disney.  I was set up at The Art of Disney Gallery with fellow Acme artists William Silvers, and David Willardson.  We spent the majority of the festival in the gallery meeting and greeting collectors and fans.  Everyone that ran the gallery did a really fantastic job at making us feel at home!  A great group of people over there.  If you missed the event but are heading to the Downtown Disney area make sure to stop by The Art of Disney.  They still have some really great pieces that we all signed and numbered before we left the event.  I have 4 new pieces in the gallery that were released in conjunction with The Festival of the Masters.  They also have a wide assortment of my other fine art reproductions I have done with Acme Archives…. cheers.


New artwork featured in the Star Wars Blu-Ray for Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

A painting I did about a year ago for Topps Galaxy 6 has recently resurfaced as (insert drum roll here) the packaging art for The Empire Strikes Back Blu-Ray. Honored, excited, flattered, stoked, and beyond happy is the best way to describe how I feel about this. Thank you Lucasfilm for such a cool honor.  I found out at Comic-Con that it was most likely my artwork used for the Blu-Ray packaging… and just recently found the image on the net via a friend over at Topps, thanks Dave!   Since its out there I can now share it with you guys.  Cant wait to get the set next month and just stare at it. 🙂

There are a ton of exciting things I will be sharing with you all very soon, just finishing up the whirlwind that was this summer.  Getting back in the studio and setting up some great new accounts.  TONS OF NEW ART PLANNED FOR THIS FALL AND WINTER!!!!


New Licensed Star Trek artwork

Here is one of my most recent projects!  Im creating a new line of fine art prints for the Star Trek fine art line!  First outta the gates is a nice classic painting of our favorite ship in action.    Looking forward to seeing where I can take this new line of original artwork!   Im working with a great company from the other side of the pond.  Iron Gut Publishing, is one of the official licensing companies I am working with to bring you exclusive fine art prints…. There are quite a few concepts Im working on for some new artwork for the many fine art lines with Iron Gut Publishing….. Heres a link to a quick article about the Star Trek line.  http://startrek.com/article/bringing-star-trek-fine-art-to-collectors-the-masses

I was pretty excited when I found out that they used my painting as the article header!  cheers

B. Rood


“Wookie the Barbarian” DONE!!!!

This one took awhile as new projects kept getting pushed in front of Chewie…. it was almost painful to keep putting it down and looking at the poor Wookiee at the back of the studio!  I finally finished painting and it is being scanned right now and sent off for final approvals this afternoon!  It turned out great, spent many many late nights to get this bad boy wrapped but I think everyone will be very happy with the finished product!  I will post the finished image as soon as it is approved and ready for sale…..