Its been awhile…..

So Im slowly trying to get the site updated with new art and a complete update of the store is coming early 2016. I have been doing nothing for 2+ years other than painting drawing and occasionally posting to facebook. By mid 2016 I will have completed over 500 illustrations in around 2 years time…. Incase your wondering, yes, that is an insane amount of artwork for one guy to crank out in that amount of time. Unfortunately many things had to be put on the back burner in order to fill such a large order. This website was one of those things. The upside is I literally will be updating with hundreds of new images in the very near future. Ive just posted a bunch of stuff I recently did for Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens. You have probably seen these images throughout the retail market. They have been used on everything from the Her Universe clothing line to kids puzzles. Basically as soon as Im allowed to share the artwork I will be posting it! Hope everyone is having a great Holiday Season and end of 2015!  Tons of new stuff right around the corner!!!!!!  In the meantime here are a bunch of pics from the last years travels and fun times with friends and family… 🙂





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