15 New Star Wars Watercolor Drip style artwork debut 2-28-11

All new Star Wars Watercolor Drip series I created for the upcoming Topps Cards, Star Wars Galaxy 6 set.  Because of the incredible response my Boba Fett “Replica” Watercolor Drip artwork received this past summer at both San Diego Comicon and Star Wars Celebration V,  I have decided to pursue this style for a number of upcoming projects.  I am looking forward to expanding the range of artwork I can offer both my fans and clients with my new Watercolor Drip style!  I will be releasing a new section this week in my portfolios pages with all of my recent Watercolor Drip artwork.  Projects ranging from Jedis to Disney characters, I’m excited to share the new work with everyone and look forward to expanding my line of collectible artwork!


2 Responses to “15 New Star Wars Watercolor Drip style artwork debut 2-28-11”

  1. Josh says:

    There sure are some nice ones. There are 4 or 5 of them that would look great on my walls. LOL!

  2. swtor says:

    swtor is better than WoW ! :p

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